Caramel, at Bangalore, by Biome Environmental Solutions

Caramel, at Bangalore, by Biome Environmental Solutions

New and old finishes are brought together in perfect harmony throughout the home. Many of these were procured by the client from Karaikudi and Jaipur, including Athangudi tiles, doors/windows and the first floor wooden pillar as well as the ceramic tile inserts for the clay tile flooring respectively. – Biome Environmental Solutions

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Biome Environemntal Solutions

Residence for Rekha Chari by Biome Environemntal Solutions

The home is located in the outskirt of Bangalore at the edge of the garden around the park adjoining a lake.

Since the plot is a corner one the home is designed so that it can be viewed from both the sides. As one walks around the building it reveals its characters, punctured wall with windows of various size and hues, telescopic vaults and sloping roofs at jaunty angles. – Biome Environemntal Solutions

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Didi Contractor – An inspiring soul

Didi Contractor , an architect practicing in Himachal Pradesh, is one such lady who is inspiring many of us with her zeal and enthusiasm even now at the ripe age of 84. Didi came to India in 1950s did some interior designing and some building and most importantly brought up four children. It was only after her children grew up that she was able to shift to Kangra where, after some years,  she started building in adobe. So, her serious architecture career began at 60 years of age!

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Chitra Vishwanath - Women in Architecture

Practice of architecture has no gender – Chitra Vishwanath

Creating architecture involves many people very unlike artists and therefore we need to give credit to all the team members and the creative process thrives on conversation, curiosity, consultancy and exchange of ideas while also be a profitable and successful business so that ideas have a longevity and not become flash in the pan.

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