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Studio Motley, Bangalore

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STUDIO MOTLEY is a multi-disciplinary design studio with project experience ranging from large scale master plans to architecture and interior design.  

We look for a notional centre for each project- a central idea which is derived from a combination of factors like context, climate, culture and of course the client and the program. At its core architecture is about problem solving and while there may exist several solutions to a particular problem, we have to look for one that is consistent with our central idea. From the larger conceptual ideas about the site and context to the materials and details, we look to establish an underlying logic. In terms of an approach or attitude what we believe in is being thorough and diligent about the issues pertaining to a design problem.  We aren’t too concerned with whether form precedes function or vice versa, as long as both (and all other issues) are carefully considered. We look to design buildings that enhance both the built and the natural environment. Teamwork forms the core of our firm’s philosophy, combining our skills with context specific experts, from local craftsmen, to the wonderful set of consultants we work with. Kajal Gupta has worked in offices in U.S.A. (RMPK, Sarasota) and Singapore (Belt Collins International) and was Vice president of the Architecture and Planning department in a Singapore based multi-national (CPGI) before starting Studio Motley. She has worked on a wide spectrum of projects like SEZ’s, waterfront developments and Urban Design projects all over Asia. As an architect and an urban planner, she has a keen interest in the role that architecture plays in shaping our cities. It is imperative that we look at our buildings in their larger contexts, so that they plug into the existing infrastructure and urban context and are not a burden to the city. In Studio Motley, she ensures that each project is human and context centric and brings to the table her international experience, combining it with her understanding of the site with all its complex parameters.  

Prof. Anand Kurudi has worked with various offices in India and was Head of Design in a Singapore based multi-national firm (CPGI)  and with the award winning firm Hundred Hands before starting Studio Motley. He has over 20 years of experience in the profession. He is a GRIHA certified evaluator and is committed to sustainable practices with an emphasis on passive design solutions to respond to local climate conditions. He is also actively involved in academics and currently holds the position of Design Chair in CMR University’s School of Architecture. 

Key Works by Studio Motley

Studio Motley, Bangalore 1
House of Earth and Stone


Studio Motley, Bangalore 3
Vaswani Residence


Studio Motley, Bangalore 5
Verandah House


Studio Motley, Bangalore 7
Weekend Home


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