Photography exhibition by fanthome Andre Fanthome

Event – Metamorphosis and Seven a Selection, by Andre Fanthome

In May 2017, TDV – The design village, an interdisciplinary industry centric institute decided to move its existing campus to a larger premises to accommodate the growing number of students in their design school. An old abandoned Kattha (catechu) factory wouldn’t be an option unless you’ve got architect Sourabh Gupta on your team. The two months of summer vacation saw the nightmarish facility transform into a dream village – retaining  much of its inherent character even while injecting new life. – Andre Fanthome

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Atul Kanetkar photography

Architectural Photography by Atul Kanetkar, an Architect Based in Pune

After graduating from Pune University in 1986, Atul Kanetkar spent next 4 years in Ar. B.V.Doshi’s office in Ahmedabad unlearning and re-learning Architecture. On return to Pune, he began his independent Architectural Practice. Photography had been his passion since childhood but the Architect in him began to see the world in a new light. – Atul Kanetkar

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Architectural Photographers - Maverick Shutterbugs from India

Maverick Shutterbugs: Architectural Photographers of India

Photography is crucial to architecture as it helps dealing with significant issues such as pre design analysis of the problem, site and case studies of similar projects. In the next stage it is a very important documentation tool for monitoring projects specially restoration works. The most significant use of photography is as a presentation tool. Architecture is one of those professions where packaging is as important as the package itself. With the rise of social media this trend has only moved forward. – Architectural Photographers

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